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We are pleased to present the “Osmanlı Park” brand. Urban furnitures and our 20 years of experience in the sector Children’s Playgrounds In our products, we synthesize the long-established practices and architectural aesthetics of our civilization today perspectives of industrial applications.
Since 1995, Ufuk Kauçuk has been contributing and leading in the sector it has been in since its establishment and has been producing modular rubber in modern production facilities with high technology machinery track with German technology.

Our company has a wide range of projects and applications as well as a wide range of projects and applications. We have the experience of working with experienced construction technicians and landscape architects, such as walking and cycling roads, athletic tracks, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor general purpose sports grounds and children playgrounds. To provide turnkey solutions to its customers.

The production of water based Acrylic systems used in acrylic sports grounds, walking paths and bicycle routes is carried out by Tuzla Deri Org. We are continuing with 10.000 tons capacity per year with our expert staff in our factory located in the region.

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